Docutelling combines Documentary & Corporate Storytelling into one. There is an increasing trend towards authenticity and a focus on ‘real’ people in the communication’s industry.

We are more willing to consume media that is directly focused on us and our lives.

Normal corporate stories are often based on the premise – ‘tell, not show.’ They’re often told by employees of companies, such as bosses or managers.

Docutelling is more about showing, not telling. And the stories are all about the end user experience.

For example, if a construction company builds a school, instead of them telling us how they did it, we make a film about how the students’ lives have been improved.

There’s often this idea, especially in the business to business world, that products and services are too far removed from end-users for these stories to make a difference.

We’ve found that that’s not the case.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a B2B client or if you are consumer focused. The things you do, the products you make, impact people’s lives.

It’s those stories that we want to find and tell in a docutelling film.

Here’s a film about combining Documentaries and Corporate Storytelling into one film

This is an example of Docutelling – for Skanska Bristol Schools

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