The Swedish Touch

Swedes like tradition, they like to do things together and they love their country.

Summer is a time for Swedes to drive around in a camper and squeeze themselves into campsites although many have summerhouses by the sea. They celebrate mid-summer with fresh potatoes, pickled herring and snaps. They eat crayfish in august and buy furniture and cheap hotdogs at Ikea.

In the winter, they bundle up against the cold and often take holidays in warm places like Thailand or India.

The Swedish people have a long history of traveling out into the world, exploring new countries and embracing new culture. But what happens when they actually move to another country?

In The Swedish Touch we’re going to meet some Swedes that have left their homes to build something new in a foreign land. We’ll see how they thrive, that is, if they survive.

Here is a first look at Bruno & Carina

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